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Standby CPD: Childbirth complications - double trouble!

You get rather more than you bargained for on this routine 'maternataxi' job, as the patient has a cord prolapse!

This issue will review three complications of childbirth: cord prolapse, shoulder dystocia and breech presentation, including recognition and appropriate management of patients.

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Standby CPD: Pain - a sore point!

A woman with abdominal pain proves less troublesome than some of your colleagues. Can you manage her and the crew appropriately?

This issue explores the topic of pain, including pain pathways, the assessment of pain and the use of drugs and non-pharmacological methods to effectively manage your patients.

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Standby CPD: Status Epilepticus - Not pleased to seizure!

Your patient has been convulsing for over 30 minutes, you can't find a vein and have run out of intraosseous needles. There's only one thing for it...the gloves are going on.

This issue explains the pathophysiology of status epilepticus and the reason why benzodiazepine drugs may not stop the convulsion.

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Standby CPD: Crush Syndrome - a pressing matter!

Your partner's won a holiday to a cottage in an undisclosed location. A knock on the door reveals a climber who needs your help. His friend is trapped under 200kg of rock and needs rescue. What are you going to do?

This issue examines crush syndrome, exploring how it happens and what you need to do about it, to avoid your patients dying from acute renal failure and hyperkalaemia.

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