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Standby CPD: Addison's Disease - making adrenal out of a crisis!

A patient with 'only' a broken leg is deteriorating fast so there must be another explanation for their condition. The patient's husband however, only wants to talk golf. What are you going to do?

This issue explores Addison's disease, a serious endocrine disorder that can result in a rapid death during crisis, unless you act fast.

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Standby CPD iPhone App

Standby CPD is a monthly CPD booklet for ambulance staff, ideal for passing the time on standby. Written by a working paramedic and peer reviewed, it is certificated and evidence-based.

With this easy-to-use app, you can now access your Standby CPD issues on your iPhone and download them for offline access. It comes with one issue preloaded for free!

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Standby CPD: Ankle Injury - RICE with spice!

There is a damsel in distress in this issue, although everything is not quite as it seems...

This issue explores ankle injuries, particularly sprains. Appropriate assessment techniques are discussed, including ruling out fractures with the Ottawa ankle rules.

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Standby CPD: Pulmonary Embolism - a clot to go!

You probably wear a Tylek suit as often as your helmet, but you'll be glad you've got one on this job! The patient has collapsed with sudden shortness of breath, while painting his house...what are you going to do?

This issue will explore the common causes of pulmonary embolism, the disease processes and the signs and symptoms that you need to consider.

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Standby CPD: Thermal Burns - a hot topic!

It's freezing cold and your colleague wants a fire. You get one, with a badly burnt woman inside! The fire service has put her out, but she needs your help.

This issue explores the anatomy and physiology of the skin, and the pathophysiological processes that occur when it gets burnt. In addition, there is coverage of acute smoke inhalation injury and the appropriate assessment and management of the patient with thermal burns.

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