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Standby CPD: Therapeutic Hypothermia - a chilling tale

Even when on holiday, your skills are still required. In this issue, you need to assist with a cardiac arrest on the beach! It's hot and sunny, but your ice cream has to wait.

This issue explores the use of therapeutic hypothermia in the management of patients who have a return of spontaneous circulation. There is discussion of the ischaemia/reperfusion injury pattern that occurs during and after cardiac arrest, and how therapeutic hypothermia can increase the chance of your patients surviving to hospital discharge, neurologically intact.

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Update to CPD Portfolio Builder

I have made a minor change to the way you review your audit entries. It is now possible to review your entries from the last 12 months, from the 1st of January to date and from the 1st of the month to date.

Once you have done this, you will find a link to create an audit portfolio entry for the time period you have chosen. This means that the original link on the Audit page has now disappeared.

I hope this does not cause any confusion!

Standby CPD: Hypoglycaemia - it's no stroke!

Your patient this month appears to be having a stroke, but is actually hypoglycaemic and rather violent!

This issue will review the anatomy and physiology of blood glucose regulation and the disruption caused by diabetes mellitus. The common signs and symptoms will be reviewed, as well as the appropriate management, including when NOT to leave patients at home, even if they appear to have made a full recovery.

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Standby CPD: Meningococcal Disease - a spot of bother

Very sick children do not come along that often, but when they do, you need to be at the top of your game.

This issue will explore the two presentations of meningococcal disease, meningitis and septicaemia, with explanation of the pathophysiology, the difficulties in spotting these children early on, and their appropriate management, depending on their presentation.

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The HPC are coming...look busy!

It's audit time again and for the paramedics on the site, you should have received your renewal letters from the Health Professions Council. Once returned, a lucky(!) few will receive a further letter inviting them to submit a CPD profile.

If you are one of those, don't panic! Drop me a line and I'll give you some pointers on putting your profile together (although the HPC do stipulate that it has to be your own work, so I can't actually write it for you!).

The catch? You need to be using the CPD Portfolio Builder.

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